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Solutions for Success

Ganada Consulting was founded in 2020 with a single mission, to succeed in building capacity for our communities. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies. Our aim is to provide individualised business solutions, designing strategies with co-creation and collaboration at the core of our service. We want to further develop First Nation perspectives in Community development and education. Highlighting the contributing assets Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways bring to the efficiency and economic value in business.

Ganada Consulting is an education, training and Community stakeholder consultancy based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia since 2020. Ganada Consulting is a subsidiary of The Selva Vita Company pty. Ltd which is a family owned, independently financed company that has been actively involved and engaging with Communities in Queensland since 2017. Ganada Consulting is engaged by private and public sector clients. Our team has delivered cultural advice to both public and private clients, to assist those clients with strategically addressing and developing First Nation stakeholder processes, designed specifically for industry activities.

The company’s First Nation ownership and focus is a competitive advantage, because Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ have unique obligations and responsibilities in caring for country and culture, they have an integral role in how cultural resource management occurs. It is therefore essential that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people be involved in the planning and management processes that affect their Country. The company’s Directors have a unique understanding of the perspectives of the private and public sector developers and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community. Specialist advice and support provided by Ganada Consulting includes:

  • Stakeholder consultation and communication.

  • Education and Community outreach services.

  • Curriculum design and implementation

  • Accredited development of online training courses and platforms

  • Cultural intelligence professional development

  • Community education program design and implementation.

  • Coordination of Community engagement evaluation and impact assessment

  • Implementation of Third-Party interests, including employment of Aboriginal Party involvement

  • Implementation of regenerative conservation strategies for endemic Australian species.

  • Employment and involvement and participation in industry.

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